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Last week’s crash that happened on the 2600 block of West Pensacola Street was the third hit-and-run in Tallahassee in November. TPD intends to patrol 10 locations around Tallahassee where most accidents happen, utilizing 20 different officers spreading out to prompt pedestrians to press the button, cross the road at the right time, and follow proper bicycle safety rules. TPD officer Issac Boykin said the goal is to prevent accidents. “I hope pedestrians realize, ‘Hey, maybe I shouldn’t dart out on the street if there’s a crosswalk available.’ And if someone has a bicycle but doesn’t have a light, by all means, contact me, and I’ll get a light to put on your bicycle,” Boykin said during a conversation with WTXL-TV. The intention is not to give out tickets but to educate pedestrians about the laws of the road. The traffic safety patrol is scheduled to end in February 2021. Keyana Fowler, a resident at Seminole Trails, is hopeful that TPD’s safety patrols will be effective. “The increase in police patrolling the roadways to alleviate and reduce the amount of reckless driving on the roads is a good idea, but only if the officers intend to establish it as a long-term initiative and not short-term. The patrolling will make drivers and myself more aware while driving so that I won’t this site end up with a citation. The hit-and-run that just happened was right by my apartment.