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Rear Adm. David Goggins, the program executive officer for submarines, said in his own speech at the event that his team had had success with a sub-launched unmanned aerial system (SLUAS) that just reached initial operational capability in September. SLUAS is a rapid acquisition program that, just eight months after having its capability production document approved, conducted its first at-sea demonstration with Los Angeles-class USS Annapolis (SSN-760). Goggins said Annapolis launched all 12 of its SLUAS vehicles from periscope depth, controlled them out to tactically relevant ranges well beyond its own line of sight, and used them to conduct a simulated torpedo attack on USS Charleston (LCS-18). The UAVs sent back precise targeting data after the submarine got its initial sonar hit on the surface ship, and the pairing allowed Annapolis to hit its target at near the maximum effective range of the torpedo. Goggins said PEO Subs has fielded five ship sets so far and will continue delivering more quantity as well as pursuing capability evolutions for the UAVs. Electronics Technician (Nuclear) 1st Class Andrew Wagner hoists the union jack aboard the Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Albany (SSN-753) June 11, 2019. US Navy Photo The warfighting mentality in the submarine force can perhaps be most seen in how training and certifications are now conducted. Capt. Kevin Mooney, the Naval Submarine Force Atlantic director of training and readiness, said during a panel discussion that a review showed the force was too focused on peacetime missions and needed to pivot to a more combat-focused curriculum.



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